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How does the recipient receive funds?Simply, once you have made payment on our website for the amount of credits you would like to purchase for transfer, the recipient will receive a secured link via SMS linking to a mobile friendly webpage. Recipient enters nominated bank account details and the Jumpay credits are turned into bucks and paid to the user bank acount. So you only need to know the recipients mobile number when transferring, giving the sender a cool and unique payment experience.

What are the minimum and maximum transaction amount?We have set a min $25 and max $200 you can do in any one transaction.  Contact us for larger business or corporate transactions. 

How long does it take for the transaction to process?We guarantee funds will be transferred in 15 minutes once the receiving user has entered their nominated bank account details. However, the funds may take between 15 minutes and 3 business days for the funds to clear and become available to spend in the users account. 

What banks are currently available to withdrawal into?As long as the receiving user has a bank account with a valid routing code (ie. SWIFT), we can transfer the credits, which basically means most banks.

How secure are my transactions?We use a 256bit SSL on our website, keeping every part of the transaction secure and we also require both parties to dream up a unique passkey that is required when the recipient goes to claim the funds. This is to stop any fraudulent activity or in the case you have entered the wrong recipient mobile number in the transaction.

What is a secure passkey?It's a unique password set and only known by both parties to ensure the transaction is secure.

I don't see anywhere to enter the recipients bank account details when making payment?That's because we have provided a super easy user experience for the person making payment, and leaving the onus up to the recipient to fill in those details.

What details do I need to make a payment using Jumpay?You just need to know the recipients mobile number, firstname and lastname. That's it.

What happens if I accidently entered the wrong recipients mobile number?Simply, contact us using our dispute form and tell us the correct mobile number, we will resend the link to the new mobile number.

What happens if the recipient has not received their secured link via SMS?Simply use our online contact us form and we will resend the link back to the users mobile phone.

Which countries currently are supported by Jumpay?We support all major banks and countries.

How can I make payment?Simply use your visa, mastercard or Paypal.

Does Jumpay support refunds?Providing the transaction has not been fully redeemed by the receiving user, we will guarantee a quick and painless refund back to the person who initially made the payment.

Can the recipient still receive money after a refund is issued?No, once a refund is issued, the receiver will no long be able to claim money and the SMS link will be disabled on their mobile.

What verification does Jumpay need to perform a transaction?We require that the user making payments and recipient disclose and verify their issued mobile number using our easy to follow process. This ensures complete authenticity in our transactions.

Does Jumpay monitor transactions?Yes, as part of compliance with all major international financial transaction laws, we monitor all transactions and hold records for all our transactions. We have an internal program that monitors our transactions for possible fraudulent and suspicious activity.

Does Jumpay store the receivers bank account details?No, as part of our policy we automatically remove your SWIFT and account number once the credits have been processed. So you can feel safe that your bank numbers have no existance on our system post transfer. We do however, hold a certain key transaction ID that allows us to track our transactions through our banks.

We are very transparent about our business, and the only information we will store are your firstname, lastname, verified mobile number and issuing bank name.